Exterior Washes

Express Wash

($6) Tunnel wash features include: superior chemical/water clean and power blow drying.

Total Clean Wash

($11) Tunnel wash features include: superior chemical/water clean, bug removal, undercarriage wash, tire/rim cleaner, and power blow drying.

Total Protection Wash

($14) Our best and most popular wash! This wash provides all the features our automated tunnel has to offer: superior chemical/water clean, bug removal, undercarriage wash, tire/rim cleaner, Rain-X water repellant , triple foam conditioner, super cold wax, and power blow drying.

NEW! Extreme Shine



Exterior Hand-Dry

($2): We hand-dry the entire body of your vehicle, ensuring your vehicle is A-Key clean and dry before you depart.

A-Key Shield

($2) A general wash guarantee for up to 48 hours that covers bad weather and bird droppings.

Tire & Rim Shine

($9) We will personally hand clean/shine your rims and apply a tire conditioner that provides a shine and luster to your tire.

The Works

($54/ $59) This is the best of what we can do to your vehicle at a discounted price. We provide a quality inside and out clean (no shampoo) of your vehicle in a timely manner (90 minutes or less). The Works package is available by appointment only Monday - Saturday.

DIY Vacuum

($5): The self vacuum bays gives our customers the ability and time to clean there vehicle at an affordable price. Customers are provided a 30-minute timeframe to use vacuums, compressed air hoses, chemical cleaners (window/general purpose), and microfiber cleaning towels.


($3.00 for 3) Fragrance disc coming in numerous fragrances: New Car, French Vanilla, Island Coconut, Black Cherry, Fresh Lemon, Real Leather, Ocean's Edge, Cool Watermelon, Spring Rain, and Baby Powder.
Our Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8AM TO 7PM
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Military Discount

We love and support our military! As a THANK YOU we offer a discount to all military personnel. Ask our tunnel operator for our military discount code for $1.25 off of our top two washes.

Other Services

A-Key is more than just a car wash. We have a storage facility, A-Key Storage and a file management company, A-Key File Management. Please ask us what our other businesses can do for you.